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HE'S GAHT WEED!!! and the gurgling. Holy shit.

This had me and my cousin dyiiin

The animation is definitely what did this for me.

It being Kratos, I spose my only gripe is the lack of quick brutality

It's just like my Salvia trip. Hot sticky intense, gibberish inducing, freeing, and perspective altering all at once.

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Thanks for using one of my beats! It was really cool to be apart of this nostalgia in some small way.

Really wish I could take this E-mural with me tho.... Maybe get it printed or something. I'd love to have this hanging in the room

i easily got addicted to the challenge, and a challenge it is... i only got up to 61 m
If this was available for mobile i'd jump on it in a heartbeat

A blind swordsman should have sense higher than this

I was hoping for at least some minor traces made on the screen so I could do minor detective work and still get a challenge out of it but this is cool too.

Can't beat the asshole with the flail, though I can block successfully everytime.

Sometimes he strikes twice tho, is the opening before you must block again? I wasn't successful with it.

Either way, I'm glad I played. I will tell friends.

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Oh, how we've grown.

Lapse responds:

Been a bit, eh?

N***a fuck that I smoke that both

LibbyShimmz responds:

You gonna die of cancer dood.

Yo throughout the year your beats have been keeping me focused. I'm really glad you're stll doing your thing homie. I can literally never go wrong when you're on my playlist and that's facts.

Your work is an inspiration man. Always. From the sample flipping to the way you lay your shit out. Never seen a beat I couldn't fuck with from you. stay up

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Good to hear from ya dude. Thanks for the kind words, means a lot.

I think I may have made a BOULLIE-type-beat while you were away actually, the one called Sleep reminded me of your stuff.

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sad part about her huge proportions in this picture is that they're accurate lol

Love it

That's a new way to orgy if I've ever seen one

Is no one else seeing the punishtube AD on the top left? o.o

In the end, this is personal. I post some of it cause... well... I like talkin bout/sharin/listening to/discovering/etc. beats! Tell me how you feel tho. I've really grown from this community's honesty

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